Safe, Affordable, Accessible Housing

Everyone deserves to live somewhere safe, affordable, accessible, clean, and that feels like home.

Economic Development

It’s time to go beyond our high minimum wage to help families and local businesses thrive.

Community Health

Prioritize the wellbeing of our environment, the wellness of individuals, and our sense of place as a city.

Honoring the History of Our Land

The City of SeaTac was founded on occupied Coast Salish land. The Elizabeth4SeaTac Campaign pays great respect to the Duwamish peoples past, present, and future. As our community continues to benefit from their presence and stewardship, please consider making a contribution to Duwamish Tribal Services at

Campaign Code of Conduct

It is a top priority for the Elizabeth4SeaTac Campaign that all paid staff, volunteers, and other affiliates feel valued, safe, and supported during their work towards our shared goals. As the candidate, Elizabeth is accountable to these guidelines as well.

The Campaign expects all affiliated individuals to prioritize the safety, rights, and opinions of others. Harassment, bullying, discrimination, and abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Specifically, discrimination, harassment, physical violence, or threats related to someone’s age, race, religion, sex, gender identity, gender presentation, national origin, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation, are absolutely unacceptable.

The Campaign does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or misconduct. Sexual harassment may include sexual advances, sexual solicitation, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct that is of a sexual nature. Sexual misconduct includes behavior that falls short of the legal definition of sexual harassment, but nonetheless is unprofessional, inappropriate, and inconsistent with our cultural values.

The Campaign expects all affiliates to treat one another and the public equitably, fairly, and with professionalism and respect at all times.

The Campaign encourages everyone affiliated with the Campaign to report behavior that is unprofessional, inappropriate, unfair, or inequitable. Reports can be made directly to Elizabeth. Your agency and safety will be top priorities. Retaliation for reporting inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The Campaign is committed to ensuring that no one experiences an adverse effect or consequence as the result of speaking up.

The Campaign is committed to creating a safe and violence-free work environment and will not tolerate violence or threats of violence of any kind.

The Campaign encourages its employees, contractors, volunteers, and others to take action to make our community and workplace better. That means we all need to do our part to create an environment that is more empowering, equitable, and enjoyable for all who wish to be a part of our campaign. This includes reporting misconduct and/or identifying inappropriate behavior as such when we observe it as bystanders.

NOTE: This Code of Conduct has been adapted from WA State Senator Liz Lovelett’s campaign. It has been customized and repurposed here with great respect and gratitude.